Real Lifetime Costing

Real lifetime costing of installation

Real lifetime costing is achieved with the depth of historical knowledge accrued by Challenger Lighting Services over many years. This knowledge enables "LED-Lighting" to take into consideration, in it's calculations, both new and established light sources in the calculations.

  • The "LED-Lighting" solution is to give you the necessary information that covers all facets of lifetime costs.
  • This does not make "LED-Lighting" the cheapest but it does make it the most cost effective solution for your business over time - alternative solutions may be offered.
  • We KNOW the pitfalls so we let you KNOW what others do not consider ensuring that your lighting levels are sufficient, affordable, maintainable and knowing there is flexibility in the unlikely event of over enthusiastic solutions.
  • We always ensure that specifications are designed around your requirements not a fit all solution. Each project will have its own specific needs and areas of focus.
  • "LED-Lighting" provides that service and more.

Total lifetime maintenance programme including natural light sources

"LED-Lighting" offers the complete range of services to maintain both proposed and existing lighting systems. Services include ‘implementation of proposal’ plus:-

Light Sources and Control Gear

  • Total replacement costs covered for first 5 years.
  • Costs for a further 5 years are calculated for implementation subject to contract.
  • 6 monthly health check visits.

Other services offered

  • Repositioning and directing of display lighting.
  • LED luminaire and heat-sink cleaning.
  • Roof light and solar light tube maintenance.
  • Tel: +44 (0)1329 820500