Client Specific LED Lighting Solutions

Energy assessment of existing installation with optional, supportive online monitoring

  • Site surveyed and energy consumption calculated at circuit watts level.
  • Installation of remote monitoring equipment to individual circuit level.
  • Real time measurements by site or estate.
  • Management have observer rights.
  • Monitoring can be installed permanently to ensure individual site energy savings continue to be achieved.

Proposed lighting design and calculation conforming to current legislation

  • Proposed lighting design and calculation.
  • Light sources chosen by best practise with a site lifetime calculation of ten years.
  • Controls as appropriate.
  • Full Part L (2013) and LENI* compliance with supporting certification.
    • LENI methodology calculates energy usage per sqm and compares it to Part L parameters.
  • External factors such as air conditioning, chiller/freezer cabinets, natural light sources etc are taken into consideration.
  • Emergency lighting provided to the statutory regulation of - "The Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting" (ICEL).
  • Light level to suit application.
  • Luminaire sampling for site approval.

Implementation of proposal

  • Remove existing luminaires where necessary and dispose of according to "The Waste Electrical Equipment (WEEE) regulation 2013 applicable from 1st January 2014.
  • Clean and refurbish, in situ, any luminaires that are to be retained.
  • Clean any major daylight contributors such as roof lights.
  • Clean all other Natural Light areas.
  • Installation of new energy efficient light sources including:
    • Major Brand luminaires and components installed.
    • Wireless Control Systems reducing installation costs with remote monitoring and analysis.
    • Electrical Upgrades where applicable.
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